Science and technology has proven to be a major tool of advancement in the lives of human beings. Yearly, huge grants are awarded to scientific research and development, ranging from small devices like microchips to space science. Than some desktop computers in the early and late 90's. Now with your mobile phone you can work virtually, receive and send emails, complete an online transaction, shop for household and personal items and get them delivered, you can even monitor your health and exercise pattern.

You are now faced with options of how many mega pixels you want your mobile phone's camera to have, how large the RAM (Random Access Memory) is, and if it has additional storage. To also understand the terms on different platforms and how to respond, because your expertise in this area could make or mar your progress. To be able to use these platforms you must own and know how to navigate a 'smartphone'. Most mobile phones today have more features.

All the above contribute to how an individual will live his or her life based on the kind of cell phone used. One may stop to ask, 'what are these people obsessed about?' Truth be told, present day technology and functionality as far as business, corporate and many walks of life are concerned, have become tied to the efficient use of a mobile phone. For you to be able to function and keep up with recent trends in today's world, one needs to be able to use social media properly.

Not to mention the fact that the mobile phone industry is a huge one which contributes a lot to the economy. Telecommunications giants like Apple and Samsung rake in millions of dollars yearly while providing goods and services that make our lives more bearable. According to The Atlantic, on the 3rd of April, 1973, the first mobile phone call was made. Since this eventful day, we have seen huge advancements as regards mobile technology.

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